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Terminal 2000 - Ben Gurion Airport:
Building Area - 3900 SQ Meters. Building Use - Passengers terminal for the year 2000. Includes three integrated sections under one arc dome. Passengers are served in acentral hall area complimented on one side by an administration area, and on the other side by a baggage tunnel. Finishing materials - "Mero" type special bars structure arc construction. Outer roofing - Wave type thin painted metal. Inside roofing - Perforated sheet + 4" isolation carpets. Reflective flooding illumination, from the floor to the arcing and back.

The center for High Tech industries in Tel Aviv:
The High Tech center is built on a premises of 142,000 Sq. meter and the total area of the project is 81,000 Sq. meters. It was planned and designed by Meir Nir Architects & Town Planners for Ezra & Bitzaron - a Housing Company Ltd. of the municipality of Tel Aviv. The building process started in 1996 and the center is located at the Anilevich building area, between the streets I. Sade, I. Alon, Nirim and the Ailon highway in Tel Aviv. The center includes offices for High Tech companies and commercial areas on the bottom floors.

The Bynet House for High Tech Industries:
The building is situated on a premises of 30,000 Sq. meter and was planned by Meir Nir Architects & Town Planners for the Rad Bynet Group. The pyramid-shaped building was built between the years 1994-1997 within the advanced industries center in the Chotzvim Mountain in Jerusalem. The building includes, among other things, offices, lecture halls, dinning rooms, a roof used for different events and a five story parking area.
Published: "Architecture in Israel", the Magazine for Architecture & Town planning, Vol. 1998, No. 103, pp. 2-7.

The Marina Hotel and apartment building:
The area of the hotel and apartment building is 14,000 Sq. meter. The hotel was planned by Meir Nir Architects & Town Planners for the entrepreneur Yitzhak Azil. The building will pyramid-shaped and will include 170 apartments. It will be built facing the Herzelia beach.
Published: "Architecture in Israel", The Magazine of the Israel Institute of Architecture and Town planners in the Association of Engineers and Architectures in Israel, Vol. 1992, pp.60-61.

The Old Age Home in Be'er Ya'akov:
This nursing home was built on a premises of 8,000,000 Sq. meters and was planned by Meir Nir Architects & Town Planners for the entrepreneur Sha'ul Bata and the Israeli Real Estate directorate. The Old Age Home, whose construction started in 1992, is located in Keren Ha'yesod St. in Be'er Ya'akov and includes 184 rooms.

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